First day of a new month, time to hit the grocery store! When it comes to purchasing cooking oil, do you get hassled? A lot of people face the same problem because it is difficult to make the right choice when retail stores are loaded with so many options of cooking oil & what is the healthiest cooking oil to use. Cooking oil is unavoidable when preparing a dish. Whether it is starters or salads or main course, oil is a must in ingredient. Selecting the correct oil to cook can save people from a lot of health problems like obesity, indigestion, heart problems and blockage due to high cholesterol. The choice of oil is also influenced by the culture or the region people belong to. The popular varieties of oil in India are: Coconut oil or Til / Sesame oil in southern India, mustard oil in eastern and northern India, and groundnut oil or cottonseed oil in western India. We took a tour across India to explore and understand the various types of healthy cooking oils which are either obtained from vegetables or nuts. Based on our findings, there are several cooking oils in the Indian market each having its own pros and cons. We also understood that the quantity of oil used depends on the dishes being food, the method by which the dish is being cooked and the vessel used for cooking the food.


Two important factors to consider when selecting the healthiest cooking oil are: Variety of oil and the factory (brand) that manufactures the cooking oil. KNG Agro is a renowned brand that manufactures world class Sesame Oil & Canola Oil, which are the best cooking oils for heart.


Let’s make a comparison of all the different variety of oil available in the market and decide which oil is healthy cooking oil.

OLIVE OIL Olive oil contains certain components that help to fight against heart attack and strokes. The oil is beneficial for people suffering from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. This oil is obtained from Olive tree crop and contains anti-oxidants which aids in reducing arthritis pain. Certain other advantages of Olive oil include; boosting metabolism and enables proper digestion
SUNFLOWER OIL Sunflower is an anti-oxidant and sunflower oil reduces cardiovascular problems and is a good cooking medium for cancer patients and people suffering from arthritis. The oil acts as a preventive in colon cancer, improves the skin health, aids in apt performance of the nervous system, protects from diseases such as asthma, and boosts the immune system
MUSTARD OIL Mustard oil has been advised by doctors for better digestion and improved appetite. Additional benefits of mustard oil include; curing fungal infection and bacterial skin infection, preventing hair loss, fueling the circular of blood in the human body and aiding in muscle growth. Despite of various reports stating few harmful effects, no side effects have been experienced in India.
GROUNDNUT OIL Groundnut is rich in omega 3 fatty acid, mono-saturated and poly-saturated fats, lowering the risk of heart problems. Other benefits of groundnut oil include; improved nervous system, prevention from cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, and helps to attain a wrinkle free skin. *Remember that groundnut oil contains fats, and is high in calories. Excessive use of groundnut oil can lead to weight gain and obesity
SUITABLE FOR EATING ALMOND OIL Almond oil aids to improve cholesterol and builds the body’s immunity to fight against health problems such as heart stroke and cancer. The oil can also be used to nourish the hair and bring back the natural color of the hair.
COCONUT OIL Coconut Oil is known for fighting bacteria, improving food digestion, increasing metabolism and building immunity. Despite its numerous health benefits, coconut oil can increases the cholesterol levels in the body as the oil contains more than 90% of saturated fats, along with some unsaturated fatty acids
PALM OIL Palm oil contains Vitamin E, carotenes and anti-oxidants and is very beneficial for people suffering from cancer, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease. The oil helps to rejuvenate the skin and acts as an anti-aging agent.
SOYABEAN OIL Soya bean is rich source of protein and the oil contains both mono-saturated and poly-saturated fats as well as saturated fats (content of saturated fats is low). Soybean oil protects the heart from cardiovascular diseases as it is a rich source of omega-3
CASHEW OIL Cashew oil has anti-bacterial properties and is beneficial for eyes, keeping a check on the cholesterol levels and reducing inflammation


In addition to the above mentioned variety of oil, Sesame Oil and Canola Oil have exception properties which are well suited for both mental and physical health of an individual.


KNG Agro’s Canola oil compliments the heart’s health and plays a vital role in reducing blood pressure, cholesterol level and soreness. KNG’s Canola oil has gained reputation and is best suited for sauté, baking, and grilling. Health benefits of KNG’s Canola oil are:

It controls diabetes and reduces risk of heart problems

Maintains and protects skin health, and improves the body metabolism rate

Prevents from diseases like cancer

KNG Agro is working towards producing the best refined oil for heart patients.


KNG Agro’s Premium Refined Sesame Cooking Oil is premium quality edible oil which is very popular in India, and other neighboring countries. Specially, people in the southern part of India relish this oil because of its high nutritional value. This refined oil is good for health and the best refined oil for heart patients. Other advantages of KNG Agro’s Sesame cooking oil are:

Keeps in blood pressure and cholesterol level normal

Maintains the insulin level and prevents for diabetes

Perfect for respiratory healthiness, bone strength, and puts a stop to osteoporosis and arthritis

Prevention from heart problems

High protein content and is suitable of skin, and hair

Good for oral health

Helps in digestion of food

Aids in fighting cancer

Helps decrease anxiety

Treats anemia

Guards the skin from ultraviolent rays and apt for baby’s skin and health

Best for eyes


KNG Premium Refined Sesame cooking oil and Canola oil are the high-quality edible oils and are good for health. The firm has the most modern technology machinery and the oils manufactured are supplies restaurants, medicine companies, sweet shops and namkeens manufacturing facilities. To ensure the quality of the products manufactured, all the seeds are cleaned, followed by the filtration process and then the oil refining happens through an automated process.


We invited Dr. Sunil Shah to brief the users about benefits of using KNG Agro’s Sesame Oil and Canola Oil. Dr. Shah shared his thoughts on the products manufactured by KNG Agro and how can they be of use to individuals with health issues. Dr. Shah suggested that people should interchangeably use both Canola Oil and Sesame Oil from KNG Agro’ as doing so is healthy for the human body. The human body gets the essential minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids which are needs for the growth of the body. The body needs an amalgamation of saturated fats, mono- and poly-saturated fatty acids in the proportion of 2:5:3


After so much of analysis and studying about various varieties oil we can definitely infer that KNG Agro’s Sesame cooking oil & Canola cooking Oil are the best oils for preparing foods and a lot of doctors have recommended these refined cooking oils. For cooking oil comparison chart, kindly visit the hyperlink.