Cooking oil is used by everyone, either for baking or frying or preparing salads / pastas. Food is a fundamental element to life and it is imperative to choose the correct and healthiest cooking oil. But this isn't as easy as it seems. Retail stores are flooded with all different varieties and brands of oil and it becomes very difficult for the consumers to make a choice. Every family unit follows certain local etiquette. The choice of oil depends a lot on the culture and region a person belongs from. In the southern part of India, people usual prefer to prepare food in Coconut Oil / Groundnut Oil / Sesame Oil. Mustard oil is prefer in the eastern and northern states whereas, cottonseed oil and groundnut oil in western states. Each region has its own spices and oil preference, which gives the food the desired flavor. Apart from taking care of the taste buds, it is very necessary to understand which variety of oil is the best edible oil for health. In India, there is a gigantic quantity of individuals, who like to prepare their own food and sometimes want to include their own flavors to the cuisines, but the issue most people face is the cooking oil they should use and specifically the quality and nutritive value of the oil.

One thing which is very important and needs attention is the fact that most cooking oils lose their nutritive value when heated. Oils have different amount of fatty acids and when heated change their color, taste and levels of saturated fat. So, it is not just an issue of selecting the oil which is healthy, but also to think about whether the oil stays healthy after being cooked. So, when it comes to picking up cooking oil, which one should be used?.




Metabolic fitness indicates how healthy the human body is and how it functions. A disturbance in the course of action can cause metabolic disorders like low cholesterol level, high blood pressure, high fat content in the body, etc. Let's compare all the cooking oils available, to arrive at the best oil for cooking in India.


Though most people are very familiar with sunflower, the yellow flowers found everywhere, many people do not consider sunflower as a source of nutritive rich cooking oil. Sunflower oil can be extracted from the sunflowers through a very simple process. In India, sunflower oil gained a lot of popularity in the 90's primarily because of its fatty acid content, which includes oleic acid, stearic acid, linoleic acid and palmitic acid. The blend of these fatty acids in the human body is extremely important to uphold a variety of elements of human health, and sunflower oil helps maintain the balance. Some of the imperative health benefits of sunflower oil include:

Better heart health

Toughen the immune system

Improve the skin health

Protection from diseases such as asthma, cancer and cholesterol issues

Fatty acids in sunflower oil are essential in the diet

Caution - Sunflower oil has high omega-6 content as compared to other vegetable oils. This is alarming for people with problems such as obesity or cholesterol related issue. Sunflower oil may also lead to an increase in the sugar levels, causing harm to diabetic patients & it is healthiest oil for cooking.


Coconut oil has a large amount of health benefits, which are not just restricted to food digestion or fighting against infection, hair and skin care. People around the globe are starting to realize the benefits of using coconut oil as a medium of cooking delicious food. Some of the benefits of coconut oil are:

Helps in easy digestion and prevents the liver and kidney from infection

Strengthens the body's immune system and is effective in healing infection and damaged tissues

Reduces the loss of protein in the hair and prevents skin dryness and wrinkles

Develops the bone health

Caution - Coconut oil has more than 90% of saturated fats, together with traces of few unsaturated fatty acids. It has been observed that coconut oil can raise the blood cholesterol.


Groundnut oil or peanut oil is a variety of vegetable oil derived from peanuts. In general, people use groundnut oil to add flavor to their food and groundnut oil is available in a number of varieties, such as roasted, unrefined, and refined. Groundnut oil is very commonly used in Asian foods and has the following health benefits:

Helps to lower the cholesterol level and controls blood pressure

Reduces the risk of heart ailment and improves immune system

Helps fight against diseases like cancer

Protection from aging symptoms like wrinkles

Caution - Even though the fatty acids present in groundnut oil are beneficial, they are only healthy in reasonable amount. Do remember that groundnut oil has fats, and therefore is high in calories. Excessive use of groundnut oil can lead to weight gain. Obesity, in itself, can cause a range of heart related problems


Mustard oil is really good for health & is extracted from the seeds of mustard (black or white). Mustard oil is very popular in the eastern part of India but has had its own share in conflicting status in different parts of the world. People in the eastern part of India use it as edible oil but in a lot of places in the world mustard oil is considered lethal and not suitable of cooking purposes, no wonder this is the best oil for cooking Indian food. Benefits of mustard oil are:

It has anti-bacterial properties and cures bacterial skin infection and fungal infection

Prevents loss of hair

Increases appetite and helps in digestion

Stimulates the circular of blood in the body

Aids in muscle growth

Caution - Regardless of various reports stating its toxicity and cautioning against use by expecting women, no side effects have been experienced in India. People who have not used mustard oil before may find it a little difficult to get acquainted with initially. No more wonder that which oil is best for cooking Indian food.


Canola oil has recently gained a lot of popularity and the oil is extracted from some variety of mustard seeds. Canola oil or rapeseed oil is very popular in Canada and the United States of America has also started to cultivate the crop and consumer the oil. This edible cooking oil is obtained from a variety of rape plants and has many health benefits

Canola oil lowers the risk of heart diseases and diabetes

Improves the body metabolism rate and protect cell membranes in the body

Improves skin health, prevents acme and wrinkles

Advantageous in reducing risk of diseases like cancer

The government of India should consider permit import of seeds like canola having 35% or more oil content and these seeds can be crushed in plants based in India. The existing refineries are only engaged in processing of imported soya/sunflower. Only KNG Agro is working towards producing the best Canola oil for cooking healthiest food in India. Now you do not need to ask anyone about which oil is best for cooking for health & good life.


Olive oil has existed since centuries and is a key ingredient in many culinary preparations and is also used as a medicine. Olive oil, is a fruit oil which is obtained from the Olive tree crop which are mostly planted around the Mediterranean region. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has advised daily intake of olive oil to reduce the risk of heart problems. The health benefits of Olive oil include:

Boosts metabolism

Helps in digestion

Reduces heart problems and improves cholesterol levels

Helps to avoid breast cancer

Helps to avoid breast cancer

  • 1. Virgin Olive Oil - Used for cooking and has a lower acid content
  • 2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Finer variety of olive oil and is prepared by cold pressing the olive fruit
  • 3. Pure Olive Oil - A blend of refined olive oil and virgin oils and has a highly acidic content
  • 4. Lampante Oil - Not an edible cooking oil rather, it is used as a fuel


Rice bran oil is gaining popularity in the world because of its low price and added health benefits. This oil is commonly used in Asian cuisines, including Japan, mainly because rice is a staple food in most of the Asian cuisines. Rice bran oil has a similar composition to groundnut oil, but has some advantages over groundnut oil too. This oil is extracted the husk of rice kernels. The health benefits of rice bran oil include:

Helps in managing weight

Reduces risk of cancer

Prevents and build immunity towards allergens

Protects skin from ultraviolent rays

Protection from heart problems

Caution - Rice bran oil has high fiber content, which improves digestion, unless a person is suffering has a gastrointestinal tract situation. This excessive fiber content can block up the tract further and it is also high in calories


Extraction of avocado oil happens from the flesh of the fruit avocado and this oil improves the hormonal balance of the body. Avocados oil helps to lose weight and has this oil's benefits are vast:

Improves Digestion

Rich source of Vitamin E

Strengthens the skin

It is used a lot in the preparation of Italian dishes


KNG Premium Refined Sesame Cooking Oil is premium quality sesame oil or til oil and is very popular throughout India. This oil has high nutritional value and the antioxidants fight inflammation in the body, hence reducing the damage on the heart. Additional benefits of KNG Agro, Sesame oil are:

Controls blood pressure and cholesterol and prevents diabetes

Improves heart health

Avoids wrinkles

Excellent for oral health

Full of proteins and is good for a healthy skin, and hair

Helps improve digestion

Prevents / helps fighting cancer

Ideal for respiratory health, bone health and prevents osteoporosis and arthritis

Helps lessen anxiety

Cures anemia

Protects from ultraviolent rays

Very good for baby's skin and health

Ideal for Eyes




KNG Premium Refined Gingelly Cooking oil is the best oil for cooking food and is very popular with customers and our products are supplied to various parts of India as well as exported to other continents. Our manufacturing facility has the latest technology machinery and we are major supplies to caterers and various pharmaceutical & ayurvedic companies, sweet shops, and namkeens factories. To ensure the quality of our product, every activity includes cleaning the seeds, filtration, extraction and the oil refining is controlled by process automation


We invited Dr. Vinayak Sharma to discuss the benefits of KNG Agro's Sesame and Canola Oil. Here is what Dr. Sharma had to say:

"I would recommend KNG Agro's Sesame Oil and Canola Oil as it is best for kids as well as adults'. Mothers should treat their children with KNG products as there are rich in iron, minerals and vitamins. You can also switch between KNG's Sesame Cooking Oil and KNG's Canola Oil as it gives the human body the various vital fatty acids which are unique to both these products. He also gave us an important tip - a combination of mono-saturated fats, poly saturated fats, and saturated fats, in a ratio of 5:3:2 - which is an ideal ratio of fats"


The shelves of supermarkets and grocery stores have a variety of edible oil brands. Sesame Oil & Canola Oil from KNG Agro are the best oil for cooking vegetables and are highly recommended by renowned doctors.