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Sesame seeds are small flat oval seeds and are the oldest condiment known to mankind. These seeds have a pleasant flavor with high oil content. The amount in unsaturated fats in Sesame oil is more and hence, should be stored in an air-tight box to avoid the seeds turning sour. Sesame seeds can be used in multiple forms ‐ paste, powder and oil, according to the needs of the user, but was originally used to process oil.


Sesame oil is very popular in South India and is known as Nuvvulu in Telugu. This oil is used especially in making Andhra pickles. So the sesame oil in Telugu meaning is simple as "Nuvvulu".

Sesame synonyms: Sesam, Tila, Benne Seed, Abongra, Til, Gumbulu, Ellu, Tara, Nuvvulu, Shiro Goma, Sim Sim, Sezam Indujski Etc.

Sesame synonyms: Sesam, Tila, Benne Seed, Abongra, Til, Gumbulu, Ellu, Tara, Nuvvulu, Shiro Goma, Sim Sim, Sezam Indujski Etc.


KNG Premium Refined Sesame Cooking Oil is premium quality sesame oil and is very popular in the southern parts of India. This oil has high nutritional value and these antioxidants fight inflammation in the body, hence reducing the damage on the heart.


Sesame oil has a high nutritional value and its health benefits include; the ability to improve skin and hair health, reduce blood pressure and improve heart health, stimulates strong bone development, protects teeth and improves dental health and lower soreness. Sesame oil is the healthiest substitute to daily cooking oil and the best sesame oil is extracted when the seeds are completely ripped. The remarkable amount of vitamins, organic compounds, minerals and other important components make sesame oil the best cooking medium for good health.

Sesame Oil Benefits for Hair
Since years, Sesame oil is being used to improve the health of hair as it improves the hair color and reduces hair loss. Because of its anti-bacterial effect, Sesame oil protects hair from any foreign bodies that can damage the scalp. Sesame oil is full of essential fatty acids that encourage hair growth. Along with nourishing the scalp, KNG Premium Refined Sesame Oil keeps the hair hydrated. Sesame oil also helps in deep conditioning of dry and chemically treated hair. It enables dull hair to regain its bounce, elasticity, shine, and smoothness. Another vital feature of Sesame oil for hair is its anti-graying property, and because of this is regularly applied on the hair to deepen its natural color. This multi-purpose oil can help combat dandruff.

Sesame Oil Benefits for Skin
Sesame Oil is in fact a multi-purpose oil and has plenty of benefits ranging from cooking to cosmetics. The antioxidants present sesame oil helps in nourishing the skin. The antioxidants soak up all water-soluble toxins, thus helping in detoxification. The oil is rich in zinc, which is the most important mineral for the skin. Sesame oil can also be used as a sunscreen because it builds a defensive layer on the skin, which also protects the skin from foreign substances that get through the skin. Sesame oil is also used to treat fungal diseases of the skin. Sesame oil is a great remedy for cracked heels too.

Sesame Oil Benefits for Dental Health
Sesame Oil is suggested by dental professionals as its helps in whiter teeth, reduces the level of dental plaque, and protects teeth from other dental illness. The powerful anti-bacterial component of this oil is the main reason of boost in dental health.

Additional Benefits

Sesame oil is rich sources of magnesium and they lower the levels of glucose in the blood, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes. KNG Premium Refined Sesame Cooking Oil is the best for diabetic patients

Sesame seeds contain zinc, a mineral that stimulates density of the bones. Deficiency in zinc is linked to onset of osteoporosis. Sesame seeds are full of calcium, that is crucial for bone health

Sesame oil is rich source of iron, and is one of the most recommended medications for anemia as well as other iron-deficiency problems.

Sesame oil helps fight asthma and other respiratory related disorders, preventing the airway spasm in asthma

Sesame oil contains copper, which strengthens the bones, blood vessels, and body joints

Sesame oil is considered to be a good tonic and improves the quality of the body's tissues. One of the most popular uses for sesame oil is in self massage. Sesame oil often results in a calmer state of mind. When consuming herbs, sesame oil is often treated as a carrier for the herbs. People have also been using sesame oil as a medication for nasal dryness. It's a natural way of reducing nasal problem, which can cause noticeable irritation.


Health benefits of KNG Premium Refined Sesame Cooking Oil:

  • 1. Reduces Blood Pressure
  • 2. Boosts Heart Health
  • 3. Full of Great Protein
  • 4. Prevents Wrinkles
  • 5. Good for Oral Health
  • 6. Lowers Cholesterol
  • 7. Hair Benefits
  • 8. Good for Digestion
  • 9. For Healthy Skin
  • 10. Prevents Cancer
  • 11. Good for Respiratory Health
  • 12. Encourages Bone Health and Prevents Osteoporosis
  • 13. Helps Prevent Diabetes
  • 14. Helps Lessen Anxiety
  • 15. Alleviates Anemia
  • 16. Protects from Radiation Damage to DNA
  • 17. Relieves Arthritis
  • 18. Help Your Baby's Health
  • 19. Good for Eye Health
  • 20. Protects Your Liver from Alcohol
  • 21. Good for Respiratory Health

Today, KNG Premium Refined Sesame Cooking Oil has a huge clientele base. Our product is supplied to all parts of India and exported to various other countries of the world. We are also a major supplier to institutions like major sweet shops, namkeens factories, caterers and various pharmaceutical & ayurvedic companies. To ensure quality in our product, every activity including cleaning the seeds, filtration, extraction and refining of oil is controlled by process automation.

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